Mariachi Gringo

Starring Shawn Ashmore, Martha Higareda, Lila Downs
Directed by Tom Gustafson
107 minutes

Available on DVD and Ballpark on Demand from 26th August.

One Gringo's dream of becoming Mexican.

Edward (Shawn Ashmore) is a young American who lives with his parents in a small town in Kansas. He is about to turn 30 years old and his monotonous life is the most boring in the world, until he meets Alberto (Fernando Becerril), the owner of El Mariachi, a typical mexican restaurant, who introduces Edward to the mariachi music and Mexican folklore.

Edward quickly becomes fascinated with the newly-learned Mexican culture, so he decides to go to Guadalajara, Mexico to become a mariachi. During this trip he meets Lilia (Martha Higareda) an enigmatic woman who help him pursue his dream.


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