About Ballpark

Ballpark came into the world of cinema distribution after 16 years in feature film and documentary production and it is against this backdrop we offer a full service in all UK and Irish media to film makers and financiers of every nationality.

Feature films and documentaries considered attractive by cinema bookers can be focused into cost effective specialised or key city releases which will undoubtedly assist in enhancing revenue from other media such as TV, Video on Demand, DVD, airlines, ships and hotels.

We at Ballpark Film Distributors can design and manage release campaigns and are willing to share risk with film makers and financiers in order to enhance the status of the finished films released and maximise income in all available media.

We welcome contact with all film makers and financiers with completed feature films seeking distribution in the UK and Ireland. If you're interested in bringing your film to us and would like to get in touch, head over to our contact details section and we'll be happy to discuss a potential relationship.

Who we are

Mark Thomas worked in the film industry for 20 years as documentary director, movie producer, casting director and writer before establishing Ballpark Film Distributors to release films in the UK and Ireland.

Mark has a BAFTA nomination for Best Film for his debut as a feature film producer, the rugby comedy "Up 'n' Under". The film was released against box office smash "Titanic" and was described by The Guardian newspaper as the "iceberg movie" as it sat under "Titanic" for two weeks eventually taking £3.5m at the UK box office.

Mark has produced, executive produced and been involved in the financing of over 30 feature films and continues to have an interest in the production through his company Ballpark Productions. He has also been involved with films that have won 40 major awards and been nominated in 57 other categories.

Matt Shimwell is the Creative Director and has extensive experience in digital design and marketing campaigns, theatrical and home entertainment art direction, DCP mastering and replication, theatrical logistics, DVD and Bluray authoring and the encoding of standard and high definition assets for VOD platforms.